Plus Size Confidence, Empowering Curvy Women

Curvy Girls & The Fashion Industry Take Over

Shopping can be annoying, even more annoying for others. For those of us who aren’t the “Industry standard” size, things can be downright awful.

Its terrible being in a “Category” while going out clothes shopping. It would be nice to find a pair of plus size pants that LOOK GOOD!

Another horrible thing about plus size shopping are the obnoxious prices! For those who are on a budget I’ve FOUND A SOLUTION! 

Sammydress is a leading global online wholesale supplier of the latest in plus  size womens clothing. They also carry shoes, bags, accessories, cocktail dresses, lifestyle products and much more!

The fashion industry really needs to step up their game and provide better options for curvy women! And Sammydress is one of the forerunners to do it.

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 “I hate the plus size clothing that is being sold. I find cute stuff at Dress Barn and such but its so expensive.”

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