One Easy Way For 40+ Year Old Women Can Lose 2 Pounds Every Week & Keep The Weight From Coming Back Forever!

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Why Being Overweight Can Effect Your Life

It’s no secret losing weight for women over 40 can be extremely difficult.

If you are considering going on starting a diet, were you aware that you can kick start your metabolism with an all natural body hack?

This isn’t a fad it is a natural result of your body entering a state named “Ketosis”.

Ketosis is a state where your body uses it’s own body fat as fuel instead of carbohydrates. 

Basically your body will burn stored fat as a new source of energy.

This is how you will see drastic weight loss quicker but more importantly naturally and safely. 

By entering Ketosis consistently you can lose up to 1.5 pounds per week on a consistent basis.

Not only will you be losing weight but your body will also receive other benefits. 

Such as having more energy, less joint pain, an improved self esteem, clearer thinking, and an overall improved mood.

Losing weight is the best thing you can do for your health, self esteem, and confidence.

Being self conscious about your body can lead to crippling depression and can hold you back from living a full and vibrant life.

Unfortunately society looks down on people who are overweight.

Dating can be extremely difficult if you aren’t a potential mate’s ideal size.

Traveling can also be difficult if you are obese, you might have to buy 2 seats because you’re too big for the seat belt!

Being out in public can be hard for heavier people. 

People can be cruel and will make fun of you for being overweight.

This can cause serious psychological damage to you over time.

Being overweight also comes with serious health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, kidney disease, & pregnancy problems.

Not only will your health be at risk, your financial life can be damaged as well.

Medicine for diabetes can cost up to $10,000 dollars a year!

Your health can also affect your family’s well being.

You might help provide for your kids or grandchildren. 

What would they do without you?

Did you know that heavier people’s lives are cut shorter by 10 years?

Don’t lose out on great dating experiences or spending quality time with family and friends due to health problems or self consciousness.

Improve The Quality Of Your Life By Accessing Ketosis

Getting your body into a ketogenic state is similar to being on the Atkins diet or a low carb diet.

You will be reducing your carbohydrate intake causing your body to enter a metabolic state called Ketosis.

While in Ketosis your body will start burning fat at an incredibly efficient rate.

Going into Ketosis can cause huge reductions in blood sugar and insulin levels, which is helpful for those who are diabetic.

One study has found that people who enter Ketosis lost 2.2 times more weight than those on a calorie restricted low fat diet.

So how do I get my body into Ketosis you might be wondering? 

Getting into Ketosis requires you to be on a strict diet and a few days of fasting.

You must stay away from the following foods:

  • Sugar: Soda, fruit juice, smoothies, cake, ice cream, candy
  • Grains & Startches: Wheat, rice, pasta, cereal
  • Fruit: (The only fruit you can eat are berries)
  • Beans & Legumes: Peas, kidney beats, lentils, chickpeas
  • Root Vegetables And Tubers: Potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips
  • Alcohol: You cannot drink any alcohol

As you can see getting into Ketosis requires a lot of work and discipline.

But there is a way you can “hack” your body into Ketosis by adding these 2 super foods to your diet.

The first food is an herb named Coleus Forskohlii and is part of the mint family.

Within this special plant is an enzyme called “Forskolin”. 

Forskolin helps activate the cAMP process within your body.

While your body is in cAMP your metabolism begins to accelerate while your body starts eating body fat instead of carbohydrates for energy.

This is the exact result your body creates while going into Ketosis.

The second super food is a yellow pumpkin shaped fruit named Garcinia Cambogia.

Within the rhinds of Garcina Camboiga is a powerful enzyme named hydroxycitric acid (HCA).

HCA accelerates your metabolism and helps the body release endorphins.

The endorphins help improve your mood causing your appetite to decrease dramatically.

While your body is converting fat into energy you are eating less.

And this is only the beginning to getting the body you truly desire!

Today you will be introduced to an all natural diet supplement that contains these 2 super foods that have been scientifically proven to accelerate weight loss!

Why Enhanced KEto Will Work Just As Hard For You!

Enhanced Keto is an all natural diet aid that helps your body enter Ketosis WITHOUT the trouble.

With all of the junk diet supplements being sold you never truly know what your getting.

There are tons of products on the market that claim they help you lose weight at unrealistic rates.

They’re also loaded with very dangerous and unhealthy chemicals, and to be honest most of the time these products flat out DON’T WORK!

Enhanced Keto is 100% natural and is FDA approved!

Enhanced Keto is made from 2 potent super foods that have been used in Southeast Asia for medical purposes for centuries.

However these 2 foods also contain very powerful enzymes that help with dieting!

The combination of these two super foods is what makes Enhanced Keto the 1st diet supplement of it’s kind!

Women over the age of 40 can use any tool or trick they can to kick start their metabolism.

Your body doesn’t respond to diet and exercise like it did at age 25.

Here’s a better solution to your problem….

Enhanced Keto is the 1st diet supplement that works as hard as you do.

Enhanced Keto will send your body into the state of Ketosis without the strict diet and fasting.

What to expect by using Enhanced Keto:

  • • Improve your cholesterol
  • • Lower your blood pressure
  • • Prevent diabetes 
  • • Improve blood pressure control if you already have diabetes
  • • Reduce the risk of developing osteoarthritis of the knee
  • • Decrease risk of heart disease 
  • • Decrease risk of stroke
  • • Improve joint pain
  • • Reduce back pain
  • • Improve or reduce symptoms of sleep apnea
  • • Improve sex life
  • • Improve energy 
  • • Improve your self image
  • • Get better sleep
  • • Maintain focus / better concentration
  • • More vitality

Enhanced Keto comes in 800mg soft chew capsules the size of a Tylenol and should be taken once a day before breakfast.

Isn’t it time you become your own success story?

Maybe you have tried countless times to go on a diet and actually keep the weight off.

This time you will accomplish your goal with a diet supplement that really works and will kick start your diet immediately!

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You are one step away from getting a body you can be proud of.

Imagine yourself one year from now and you are 100 pounds smaller.

Your face is thinner, your waist is tighter and everybody you know can’t believe you actually lost all of that weight.

Your significant other can’t take their eyes off you, and the compliments on your desirable body are endless.

You can make that a reality today by ordering your 1st bottle of Enhanced Keto today!


Better Late Than Never

My name is Caroline Ramos I’m 46 and live in San Diego, California.

At my biggest I weighed 220 pounds and was completely miserable. 

I never felt comfortable in public and I would always be so depressed.

 I decided to change my life and finally go on a diet back in 2017.

It wasn’t easy and there were so many times I let my bad habits take over.

I found out about Enhanced Keto and it really helped change my life.

It helped me break through many of my plateaus. 

I was so shocked this product really worked.

I don’t know how many of these diet pills I tried and none of them worked.

For anybody looking to make a serious change in their lives I highly recommend Enhanced Keto!

Controlling The Cravings

Hello fellow dieters! My name is Diana Stewart I’m 43 and I live in Columbus, Ohio.

Where do I begin? I began my diet back in 2017 and I lost over 120 pounds.

I have a huge problem with binge eating. I would eat when I’m sad, mad, nervous, or bored.

I just love to eat and that was the hardest thing to overcome on my diet journey.

I found out about Enhanced Keto through a friend and decided to give it a try. 

Enhanced Keto really helped me stop emotional eating!

I recommend this product to anybody who has a hard time with containing their food cravings.

The Best Version Of Me

Hello my name is Denise Guiman I am 55 and live in Manhattan, New York.

I lost over 200 pounds and it was such an emotional roller coaster.

You will never imagine all of the feelings I’ve felt on this weight loss journey.

There were days where I wanted to die because of how horrible I would feel everyday.

My joints would be in so much pain and my tolerance for pain isn’t great.

I gradually started exercising while using Enhanced Keto and it really helped me change my life.

It helped me stay focused and burn an additional 3 pounds a month. If you are starting a diet, trust me this stuff is the real deal and will help you lose weight!

Sexy As I Want To Be

Hey! My name is Darla Winston I am 49 and I live in Birmingham, Alabama.

I lost over 75 pounds thanks to exercise and a clean diet.

It wasn’t easy but I managed to overcome so many obstacles with Enhanced Keto.

There would be months where I would fall off my diet and feel so discouraged.

But I hung in, even when times were hard for me.

My problem was consistency, some weeks I would eat good and exercise and some weeks I just didn’t have the energy.

Enhanced Keto gave me the extra energy when I’d feel lazy or unfocused.

Now I feel sexier than ever! And it’s all because I never quit!

Trust me if I can do it you can too! Just never ever give up!

Meet The Author

Hailey Sperling has a PHD in Nutrition from the University Of Southern California. 

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