Create The Perfect "LOOK"

Hey! You! Yes You! Are you a makeup “junkie”? If you enjoy creating beauty & making the whole room stare at you in awe, you NEED this makeup palette in your life!

Celebrity Makeup Artist Collaboration

Deck of Scarlet is made in collaboration with top makeup artist in the industry including Raven Elyse.
Raven Elyse

Deck Of Scarlet Beauty Box

Deck of Scarlet is a monthly makeup subscription beauty box with EXCLUSIVE color palettes you wont find anywhere else!

Made For the Bold

Deck of Scarlet is made in collaboration with top youtube makeup artist such as Belle Jorden,

Raven Elyse & KristinaXMakeup. All bringing their best work to hook you up with nothing less than perfection!

Take Your Makeup Game To The Next Level

Life is too short to be boring. Take your look & confidence to another world with Deck Of Scarlet.

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Keep An Ace Up Your Sleeve With A deck of Scarlet