7th Grade Teacher Surprises A Student

A Show Of Love & Compassion

Klarissa Thompson a 29 year old 7th grade teacher at Capital High School in Boise Idaho is known for her kind heart. Students love and respect the way she conducts her self in the classroom.

“Ms Thompson explains things to us in a way we can understand.” Said Jein Semovila one of Thompson’s students. Klarissa is praised by her peers as a “hard worker” & even a “genius”.

But the thing that separates her from other teachers is the level of compassion for her students. Klarissa learned that one of her students was going through a very emotionally turbulent patch in her life.

Alexita Villalva’s parents were going through a divorce which really effected the young 12 year old girl’s academics. “Alexita was one of my better students and I noticed her performance was declining and became a concern for me.”

“I began to reach out to her and it took her a few weeks to warm up and actually tell me what was going on at home.” As Klarissa learned about what her student was going through, Klarissa challenged Alexita with a fun bet that would inspire her to raise her grades.

How New Clothes Brought New Achievements

Klarrisa Thompson challenged her student to get an A by the time summer came. Alexita was getting a D in the class and she had 3 months before summer vacation came.

“Ms.Thompson’s challenge to me was to ace the final and she would get me new clothes for the summer. I love fashion so that was an opportunity I had to to take!”

Klarrisa would tutor her before and after class where they would bond and get extra study time in.

“Alexita was such a bright and talented student I wanted to not only reward her but show her that I cared as well.”

Alexita passed her final with a perfect grade, which gave her an A overall in the class.

“I ordered Alexita’s clothes from a website called Zaful, it had trendy cute clothes at a great price.”

“The clothes were true to fit and the quality of the material was impressive. I ordered a red v neck shirt for Alexita, it was so nice I bought one for myself!” Said Klarissa.

On the last day of school the two ladies exchanged numbers and still keep in touch to this day. Shop at Zaful today and use code ZFESTIVAL11 for a 18% discount for reading this article!